Eternal Aesthetics - Price List

Prices will be given depending on the problem identified and dependent on the length of treatment required, and whether or not additional treatment is required at the end of the procedure. 

*** Prices are inclusive of Consultation ***

*** A stand alone consultation is £30 ***

*** The Booking Deposit  of £30 is refundable when appointment is honoured and treatment proceeded with ***

Eternal Aesthetics reserves the right to retain the deposit for no show, lateness more than 15 min , cancellations within 24 hours or in the instance of not going through with the treatment after the consultation was provided.


Recommended course of 4-6 treatments
£140 per treatment

Top up
£150 per individual treatment

1 area of treatment £160 
2 areas of treatment £250 
3 areas of treatment £300

Top up
Free top up only after 2 weeks and only for upper face expression lines (glabella, forehead and crowsfeet)


Jaw line shaping: £400 for first injection

Underarms (excessive sweating)  £400
Hands (excessive sweating) £500
Feet (excessive sweating) £500

Top up
Jaw line - a second ‘top up’ injection is sometimes needed after two months if muscles still strong, and the charge is £300

Dermal Fillers

Lips: 1ml £230  
Nasolabial lines: 1ml £250
Nose shaping: from £460
Filler chin enhancement: 1ml £250

Jaw Line: 1ml £250
Cheeks: 1ml £250
Cheeks: 2ml £460
Tear Trough £460



Recommended minimum 3 x 1 ml treatments (lasts up to 18 months)
1ml £250
2ml £400     
3 x 1 ml treatments £700



Light Peel from £25 per session*
Bright Peel from £30 per session*

*Recommended 4 sessions every 2 weeks

Peels & Mesotherapy

Best results are achieved with a combination treatment:

Meso + light peel £125/session

Meso + bright peel £130/session


Any Area
1 session £100                                  
2 sessions £200
5 sessions £500    

Lipoglaze - Freeze Fat Treatments

1 area [cup] CHIN £250

1 area [cup] of treatment £400
2 areas [cups] of treatment £600 (saving you £200)
3 areas [cups] of treatment £800 (saving you £400)
4 areas [cups] of treatment £900 (saving you £700) 

Lipoglaze & Mesotherapy 

Price to be confirmed on consultation